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Status Endangered
Location Various
Pronunciation all-TROHH-knee-UHNZ

Altronians are a race of beings that inhabit Altronia.

Society and cultureEdit

The Altronians, being able to reproduce quickly and rather lacking in age standards when it comes to recruiting troops, were able to amass vast armies quickly. Their technology level is rather low, since the few scientists they get were often sent to war as commanders. Most Altronians don't seem to care, as they like to go with simple or brutal weapons.

History Edit

The race once lived in peace, but dispute over unknown issues split them into several factions. The resulting wars were so great that the entire island was desolated.

When Makuta Cekadax decided to intervene in order to prevent any more conflicts, the Altronians began to fight her. After losing the war, many Altronians went into hiding or joined Cekadax.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Hokanuka refer to "the Altronians," they don't often mean this race. Since true Altronians are so rare, the Hokanuka refer to the members of the Order of Altronia as "Altronians."