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Group Avenging Alliance, Order of Altronia
Tribe Toa of Iron
Occupation Order of Altronia operative
Element Iron
Powers Iron
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Iron warhammer
Status Alive
Location Altronia
Pronunciation BAR-thuh

Bartha is a Toa of Iron and a member of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Bartha was originally a Toa of Iron working for the Order of Altronia, but on one mission he was captured by Burtok, and unknown experiments that Burtok performed on him erased his memory, changed his element from Iron to Stone, and reduced his stature.

Suntrah managed to find a formula Burtok had in storage that, with minor modification, allowed Bartha to be restored to his former self safely.

At some point, Bartha was sent on a mission to spy on an enemy fortress on Altronia by Faxhuun. Burtok, who was on the team blew their cover, and the other four, Bartha included, were forced to retreat.

Bartha and hie allies later found Xovar inside Altronia Fortress, and welcomed him back to the team.

Powers and EquipmentEdit


Bartha has control over the elemental power of iron, allowing him to manipulate, animate, and materialize metallic protodermis. Bartha once had limited control over the element of stone, but that was through Burtok's alteration of Bartha and his team. He has since gained his original powers and power level back. He no doubt has other, more unique abilities, but he has not yet been shown to demonstrate them in the story.

Bartha carried climbing tools when he was small, and carried his original tool, a warhammer, to this day. The warhammer is capable of returning to Bartha if thrown or if separated from Bartha, but it only does when Bartha wills it to. He wears a Great Kanohi Pakari, which gives him enough strength to wield the hammer with one hand.

Personality and TraitsEdit

While shrunken, Bartha was somewhat surly and sarcastic, because he disliked his current state. When restored, Bartha regained his cheerful personality, and is thoroughly enjoying his "new" experiences at Altronia Fortress.


  • Sidd's dad was reminded of Thor when he saw Bartha.