Brotherhood of Makuta
Goal Conquer the Matoran Universe
Status Active
Allies Their servants
Enemies Dark Hunters, Toa, Order of Altronia, Hokanuka Cult

The Brotherhood of Makuta is an organization made up of the members of the Makuta race.

History Edit

Beginning Edit

Makuta were created before the activation of the Mata Nui robot by the Great Beings. Only one hundred specimens were made, and no more ever came into existence after that.

The Makuta succeeded in creating a myriad supply of different varieties of Rahi to fill the universe. They served their purpose as governors well for many millenia.

Rebellion Edit

Makuta Mutran was inspired by an encounter with Tren Krom about how the Makuta could, in theory, conquer the universe. He told his plan to Teridax, who altered it and proposed it to his comrades. Teridax then overthrew Miserix, the original leader of the Brotherhood, and made himself leader. Teridax then weeded out any Makuta who were too disloyal or too squirrely to serve his purposes.

Teridax had the Makuta continue pretending to be loyal servants of Mata Nui until the time was right. The right time came about 70 millenia later. Teridax corrupted Mata Nui with a virus, which threw the massive robot into standby. With the direct influence of Mata Nui gone, the Makuta were free to conquer the universe. Several lands have been seized by the Brotherhood's forces since then.

Known Members Edit

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