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Group Order of Altronia
Tribe Stone
Element Stone
Kanohi Hau
Tools Elastic shield
Status Alive
Location Altronia
Pronunciation CARD-vore

Cardvor is a Toa of Stone and member of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.

Biography Edit

Carvor joined the Order of Altronia at some point in his life.

He, Lumcavar, and Recvak, were sent to get rid of a chunk of rock crystal-like stone similar to the Nui stone. They were going to do this by going to a volcano that had been found by Faxhuun years ago, but instead of having lava inside, it had a portal that changed where you'll end up on the other side every once in a while.

The mission met a bump along the road when mercenaries, who had been recently hired by Makuta Cekadax, attacked the group. They got split up, and Cardvor, since he had the stone, decided to head for the volcano. Recvak and Lumcavar then found him, and together they went on their way to the mountain.

Once there, Cardvor used his stone powers to smash the stone to shards and threw the shards into the volcano, teleporting them into alternate dimension. The portal changed right afterwards, and Cardvor, injured and exhausted, fell in. The other two attempted to catch him, but they also fell in. fortunately for them, it teleported them to Crystal Island and they landed face first in the sand, and were spotted by Zartok.

following that, they were taken back to Altronia.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cardvor has elemental control over inorganic sediment and minerals, able to bend rocks, sand, and even crystal to his will.

When fighting, Cardvor often just bats aside projectiles, blocks close range attacks, and pummels his enemies with his power or shield until his enemy is defeated.

His shield can elasticize or become solid and unmoving at his will, and it has no original shape to revert it into, so he can and often does make his shield in various shapes. One of his favorite things to do with his shield is stretch it twenty or thirty feet to pound his enemy in the face, in order to knock them unconscious quickly.

Personality Edit

Cardvor is a highly focused on the good of others, not himself, and, although he doesn't show it, hates and pities thoughtless killers like Makuta.

He usually is very cheerful, preferring to think about all the good things of life instead of the bad that he has to fight, despite the fact that it causes him to "zone out" when talking about missions involving fighting and such.

Trivia Edit

  • Cardvor is one of the only Toa of Stone on the Characters page, and, incidentally, excluding Bartha's time as altered by Burtok, the only Toa of Stone or Earth on that page are made up by Argh.(because Toa of stone and earth are awesome!)