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Group Skyboard racer
Tribe Unknown
Element None
Powers Chameleon
Kanohi None
Tools sword, mini-grenade launcher
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation SAY-drinn

Caydrin is an upcoming character in the Altronia Continuity.

Known Information Edit

Affiliation Edit

I'd rather not give to much info away quite yet, so go read his personality and other stuff.

Powers Edit

Caydrin has chameleon abilities and is very adept at them, allowing him to essentialy turn invisible in seconds.

Personality Edit

Caydrin is usually rather nonchalant and somewhat cheerful guy, and is only serious when he's doing something dangerous that he hasn't done a million times already. He loves action and doesn't hesitate to do stupid-crazy things, which often keeps people away from him.

Caydrin dislikes injustice, but he's seen it so many times and feels that he can't do much about it, so he's used to it.

Trivia Edit

  • Argh came up with his chameleon abilities while he was doing a story on the Lego Message Boards in the Toa/Makuta Aventure topic with a few other users.
  • Sidd is particularly unfamiliar with Caydrin, perhaps more so than any other Atltronia Continuity character.
  • Despite the fact that Caydrin won't be coming into the story for a while yet, Argh has already built him.