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Powers Strength, Resiliency
Tools Claws, Teeth
Status Thriving
Location Altronia, Chilas Canyon
Pronunciation KEY-lahs

"He turned and found himself face to face with what must be a Chilas. The creature had a big, brutish form, with longer arms than legs, making it look a little like an ape. It also had a large jaw, and scaly hide, making it resemble a reptile."
―Narrator [src]

Chilas are a breed of simian Rahi that inhabit a canyon on Altronia.

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

Chilas are simian Rahi with large heads which house equally large teeth. They have three-fingered, clawed hands that allow them to dig into solid rock and even tear through many kinds of metal. They are usually blue-gray or blue-black, but the dominant male sometimes has red markings as well.

Capabilities Edit

Chilas are very strong and can lift several times their own weight. They can crush rock in their bare hands and can throw their opponents around with ease.

Natural Tools/Weapons Edit

Chilas can use their jaws like a steel trap.

Chilas can manipulate objects with their claws, as well as use their claws to crush, scratch, or pierce, and use the bladed edges on the outside of their claws as little blades.

Behavior Edit

Chilas are extremely territorial. They protect their homes and hunting grounds with almost unparalleled ferocity. They also tend to keep an intruder from leaving, preferring to kill them rather than just driving the offender away.

Diet Edit

Chilas are, by nature, herbivorous, if aggressive to intruders, but are officially omnivorous, as they will hunt if absolutely necessary.

Habitat Edit

Chilas like to dig out alcoves in rock, either in cliff faces or sides of hills or mountains, to use as burrows. They are very territorial.

Chilas like dry, arid climate, because it supports their favorite plants to eat.

They currently inhabit most of Altronia in colonies, but the largest colony by far is located in Chilas Canyon.

History Edit

Chilas have inhabited Altronia for many years, their home colony being in the walls of a certain canyon. They have presumably been there since their original creation.

Part of a large colony attacked Levuku, Rajal, and Vohk during a training battle. The trio recruited Ferrak there.

Known Individuals Edit

  • The Chilas Canyon clan leader

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  • Sidd's Chilas MOC was heavily modified to create Lukanov.