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Group Yelnir Guard
Tribe Yelnir
Element None, Can fire plasma from sword
Kanohi Miru
Tools Sword, drill
Status Alive, Active
Location Yalnam
Pronunciation CORE-oh

Choro is a Yelnir spy/officer from the Altronia Continuity.

Biography Edit

Choro's distant past escapes Sidd right now.

Choro eventually met up with Lihee and joined the Toa's little band of renegades. They went to his home island and got a job working as mercenary spies for the Yelnir guard, and on one mission they met up with a Makuta posing as the enemy leader. he shapeshifted to look like Rayzok, but it was in fact Burtok in disguise, nad the Makuta made a quick getaway. In that same mission, Zartok had been mutated into what he is by a trap of Energized Protodermis rigged by Burtok. He betrayed his comrades and joined Burtok.

The team made their way to Crystal Island and joined forces with the Avenging Alliance to defeat Rayzok/Burtok. Choro went off by himself after one fight and beat the living crud out of Vaturi, reducing her robot form to a pile of rubbish. Choro got a talk for going off on his own from Lihee.

The team helped defeat Burtok for the last time, long with the Alliance and four Hokanuka who just arrived and Yarik, who was there all along. Choro joined the Alliance, Hokanuka, and his close comrades to Altronia, the went off to rejoin the Yelnir Guard.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Choro can fire plasma from his sword, and wield it with great skill.

Choro is extremely agile, and is known to bounce off the walls to confuse and annoy his enemies so that they lose concentration, thus, they are easier foes.

Mask Edit

Choro has the Mask of Levitation, which he uses to aid his agility and save himself from hard landings.

Tools Edit

Choro has a high-torque drill that can bore through most substances and catch/redirect projectiles.

Choro has boots on his feet that have springs in the toes so that he can jump around more effectively. They also have shredders o the sides, allowing his to tear through enemy armor and obstacles.

Personality and Traits Edit

Choro is serious and official when working for the guard, but, when on missions or working with friends, he is light-hearted and cheerful, and he likes to make jokes to keep spirits up.

Choro hates injustice and treachery, and has actually gotten mad at people like that, such as Zartok when he betrayed the team, and Burtok, for being a dork in general.

Trivia Edit

  • Argh uses Choro to channel his sense of humor into his story, although different aspects of humor come from other characters.