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Group Revolutionaries (Unofficially)
Element None
Powers Agility, Strength, Durability
Kanohi Helmet
Tools Electro-Claw, Rocket Launcher
Status Online
Location Crystal Island
Pronunciation DASS-trocks

Dastrox is a Beta-Class DASTRO Unit in the Altronia Continuity.


Dastrox was created by Makuta Rularx as the tenth in the DASTRO Series of robots. It was immediately put into service for its creator.

Dastrox was put in charge of supervising the Revolutionaries during their early days as a team. The robot acted as their link to Rularx, and vice-versa, when Rularx cannot be present.

When Makuta Ikirro and his force came to Rularx's fortress, Dastrox immediately went to work analyzing the Makuta and his lieutenant, Recapar, for the sake of knowing them well. When the Order of Altronia followed Ikirro to Crystal Island, Dastrox informed Rularx of it, as well as the fact that Ikirro had been acting strangely lately. Rularx thanked the robot, then put it in charge at field commander until he returned, for he left to speak with Ikirro. Dastrox went immediately to work.

Powers and EquipmentEdit


  • Strength: Dastrox is possessed of impressively strong servomotors, which give it a physical advantage over most foes it encounters.
  • Agility: Dastrox is capable of moving with speed and grace and efficiency surpassing all biomechanical organisms without a specific power that enhances their coordination.
  • Durability: Dastrox is lined with effective battle armor, and is quite resistant to damage.
  • Speed: In addition to its impressive physical speed, the robot also thinks and processes information faster than most, if not all, biomechanical organisms.
  • Telepathic Link: The Dastrox unit is linked mentally to Rularx, and is able to receive mental messages from its master, as well as send them to him.
  • Augmentable Battle Capacity: The robot features a dial with six settings, with each successive setting making the robot more capable in combat. The dial can be operated manually, or activated by the robot upon permission given by Rularx.

Tools Edit

Dastrox carries an Electro-Claw, able to use it as a blade weapon, a stabbing tool, and electrify it to stun opponents.

Dastrox also carries a rocket launcher that fires homing missiles.

Trivia Edit

  • A major part of the inspiration for Dastrox's basic premise, physical abilities, and appearance came from multiple places.
    • Sunny from I, Robot
    • Assassin Droids from Star Wars
    • The Terminator androids
  • His appearance is also based off some other epic awesome dude.