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Group Order of the Hokanuka
Tribe Hokanuka
Occupation Trainee, Spy
Powers Counter-Absorption, Strength, Durability
Kanohi Noble Pehkui
Tools Daggers
Status Alive
Location Altronia
Pronunciation Fah-YAH-koo

Fajaku is a female Hokanuka newbie from the Altronia Continuity.

Biography Edit

Fajaku was seen in Burtok's fortress as a Hokanuka larva. She was doing reconnaissance work, and circumstances caused her to have to initiate her metamorphosis. She used her new abilities to sneak around Burtok's (disguised as Rayzok) laboratory, then returned to her commanders with her findings. She assisited the Hokanuka and Yaltrax in that battle, but Yarik tried to bury her in a lava flow. Fajaku was not killed, but her hand was severely burned. Zalkatrex made the murderous Hokanuka dig his sister out, and the promptly beheaded Yarik.

Fajaku returned to the Hokanuka dwelling under Altronia. Once there, her hand was repaired and given a new protosteel casing.


"What in Karzahni would you want to do that for?"

Powers and Equipment Edit

Fajaku is very strong, using most of her potential for strength and durability. She can lift a couple dozen times her own weight, and can stand up to very heavy blows.

After her right hand was severely injured due to Yarik trying to kill her, it was repaired with Protosteel, greatly enhancing its already impressive durability.

She also has four wings that she can use to fly around at high speed and hover effectively.

Mask Edit

Fajaku wears a Noble Kanohi Pehkui, which enables her to shrink to a minimum of one foot tall, all the while retaining full strength.

Tools Edit

Fajaku carries a pair of blades which can combine to form an energy bow.

Personality and Traits Edit

Fajaku can somewhat annoying, which is why Yarik tried to kill her. This stems from her being very young and inexperienced. She is always ready to ask questions but has trouble listening to the answers sometimes.

Fajaku long ago decided on a smaller frame for her adult body, but had to compensate for her small frame with epic strength to make her still as effective as her brothers and sisters.

Trivia Edit

  • She has said some things very similar to things Sidd's little sister has said when she was trying to be annoying. This is not a coincidence.