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"Faxhuun's Door" is not an official name
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

Faxhuun's Door
Function Defense of Faxhuun's sanctum
Powers Impregnability
Status Intact
Location Altronia Fortress
Pronunciation N/A

Faxhuun's Door is the double-door entryway that leads to Faxhuun's sanctum in the Altronia Fortress.

History Edit

Faxhuun himself conceived the idea for and built the door himself. He added all the schematics and doodads to it, and even carved an image of his mask onto each half of the entryway.

The door has been used by almost all Altronia Trainers, from Rajal to Liakatus, to get into Faxhuun's chamber.

Schematics Edit

Construction Edit

The door is made of protosteel, and forged by Faxhuun to be near-perfect quality.

The door has a complex locking and unlocking system that triggers reactions from sixteen deadbolts. There are ten above the two doorknobs and six below. These come out of either door alternately for maximum impact resistance if pounded. The deadbolts are made of protosteel as well as the main door.

Each door is six inches thick, twelve feet tall, and six feet wide, making the entryway a twleve-foot square.

There is an inch of protosteel between the door's exterior and inside, and it is uniform all around the door.

The door's hinges are mounted in walls made out of protosteel, so the will not rip out unless put under extreme force, and the hinges are four inches in circumference.

Opening Edit

The door is opened chiefly by squeezing one of the two doorknobs, which is a handle with a lever on top that, when squeezed down, pulls a bolt aside and opens the door.

This is, however, ineffectual if the deadbolts are engaged.

Unlocking Edit

Faxhuun alone can unlock the door, as he is the only one who knows how.

The door is unlocked by Faxhuun telepathically heating up the air in certain chamber in the door. This either raises or lowers a diaphragm, each of which is attached to a lever. Each of these levers slides aside a set of deadbolts, but each one has to be raised or lowered to a certain height to unlock the deadbolts it's supposed to correspond to. If the position of the lever is off slightly, it may unlock the wrong deadbolt(s), and if another lever is activated and also is meant to unlock a deadbolt that is already unlocked, it will relock the deadbolt.

Appearance Edit

The image of Faxhuun's mask is carved into each of the double doors, and the murals are painted red, black, and gold.

The inside of the doors bear a record of all Altronia Fortress agents, as well as which agents are on missions.