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Group Revolutionaries
Tribe Runask
Powers Strategy Assimilation
Kanohi Terrinek
Tools Torch
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation GORE-dock

Gordok is a nerdy n00b villainous henchman soon to be in the Altronia Continuity.

Known Information Edit

Affiliation Edit

Gordok will side with the brotherhood.

And stink a little at it.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Gordok has the power to analyze the strategy and fighting style of his opponent through observation, then fight in a way that perfectly counters their strategy.

The downside of this ability is that Gordok has to watch a fight with this person before he can effectively fight them, which is not always convenient.

Tools Edit

Gordok carries a torch that can harden the flames it produces into a solid mass, giving him an instant blade. He can also adjust the size of this blade by powering up his torch prior to solidifying the flame.

Trivia Edit

  • Gordok is Sidd's favorite upcoming character to make fun of, despite how cool he is.
  • Gordok will stink a little at his job because his basic skills are actually pretty low, so he requires his boosted skills to be especially effective. He will still be a significant threat, though.
  • Argh had a stroke of genius when he conceived Gordok's weapon.