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Powers Fire Generation/Projection
Tools Blades
Status Destroyed
Location Crystal Island (Formerly)
Pronunciation In-FUR-nicks

Infernix was the Vahki Ultima of Fire in the Altronia Continuity.

History Edit

The droid was created by Burtok to fight the Avenging Alliance. Its first action to this end was challenging Kanahka in battle, which it failed at rather quickly. It then reassembled itself and fought alongside its companion Crystallox against the Alliance, but was defeated by Hoka and Matu. It was then buried by the Alliance in an attempt by the team to hinder its self-repair process.

It was eventually destroyed, being ground to bits by Thravak.

Powers and Equipment Edit

  • Fire:
    • Fire Generation: Infernix could create flames and generate high temperatures in a limited area. It could use this ability to create walls of flame, melt objects, or light enemies aflame.
    • Fire Projection: Infernix could shoot fireballs from its blades with a fair degree of force, enough for the sheer force of the blast to knock over opponents. It could also induce these fireballs to explode on contact.
  • Energy Kanoka: Infernix had the ability to create Kanoka disks made of solid energy, materialize them inside its mandibles, and fire them at an opponent. These disks had no special powers, only causing damage upon contact with a target.

Abilities Edit

  • Durability: Infernix was more durable and resistant to damage than the average Vahki.
  • Isolated Component Functionality: Infernix's individual body parts could function when separated from each other.
  • Self-Repair: Infernix, in addition to its durability, had the ability to reassemble itself. The robot had thousands of tiny mechanical components inside it that would, upon large components of the robot being physically drawn near each other, lock onto each other and fit the robot's body back together.

Tools Edit

Infernix carried twin blades that focused its power.

Traits and Mannerisms Edit

Infernix was always itching for a fight, ready to barbecue first, as questions later. It also leaped a lot when it fought, so that its flames could surround an opponent and it could trap them from above.

It had an actual personality, though it seemed to change as time went on, varying from the original program. Exactly how this was accomplished is unclear. Whatever the means, it had a realistic enough personality to be considered a living individual, and was referred to as "he." It even had a fear of death, which robots do not normally have.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The basic premise of Infernix was given inspiration by the Vahki Vohtarak mentioned in Challenge of the Hordika. His personality and comedy style was based off the Battle Droids from Revenge of the Sith. It was later randomly disbanded along with Crystallox in the original version of Kanahka's Chronicle. The new version will feature it as actually dangerous, but still a humorous character.