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Kerris Archipelago
Position Southern Island Chain
Status Intact
Pronunciation KEHR-ihs

The Kerris Archipelago is a chain of Islands in the Matoran Universe.

History Edit

They were created by the Great Beings as they were constructing the Matoran Universe. Shortly after this task was completed, they were seeded with natural inhabitants and left to exist without interference from the Great Beings.

The Archipelago was soon inhabited by various, non-native sapient beings, who set up institutions on it like trading ports, a seat of government, and homes.

Iceriax was on a mission there to retrieve a Staff of Power, but was teleported to some other unknown location by a Dark Hunter.

The events of Out of the Ashes take place here, for this is where a Toa named Quake found himself on a particular day of his life.

Geology Edit

Landscape Edit

The Archipelago is a small cluster of islands, each little more than a half a mile across, at most. They are closely packed together, so much so that most beings can simply walk between many of them, wading through shallow water.

Weather Edit

The islands are not known for having a very interesting climate, and are a moderate temperature most of the year. Still, there is not much humidity or precipitation to speak of, so the islands could be said to be rather dry if not for the ocean pervading their borders.

Ecosystem Edit

The Kerris islands have little to no ecosystem, and presumably never did. The people living on the islands are almost the only beings on the islands, although a few random Rahi have made their way there and gotten stuck. Most of the Archipelago's ecosystem is underwater, however, and the waters are teeming with life.

Trivia Edit

  • The Kerris Archipelago, originally called the Kerris island cluster, was made by LegoLover361. Since he is no longer active, he could not be asked permission to put it into this wiki, but knowing him, he'd be fine with it.