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Group Order of Altronia
Tribe Toa of Earth
Occupation Altronia Operative
Element Earth
Powers Elemental Earth Control
Kanohi unknown
Tools crushers
Status Alive (Ticked off, as always)
Location Altronia
Pronunciation LUHM-cah-Varr

Lumcavar is a bludgeoning member of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.

Biography Edit

Lumcavar joined the Order of Altronia at some point, and has served them for many years. Over this time he has gotten hardened and violence-prone, and is considered, the the Order, a berserker in function.

He accompanied Recvak in escorting the Avenging Alliance and Universal Alliance to Altronia. He has since resumed training within the Order.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lumcavar, being a Toa of Earth, has near-complete control of dirt, able to shape, move, and materialize it at will. He often uses his power in very violent ways.