Status Rare, reduced in number
Location Various, primarily Destral
Pronunciation Mah-KOO-tah

Makuta are a race of armored energy beings that are the primary members of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

Makuta were once biomechanical beings like most other species. They composed of organic components intertwined with a metallic frame and armored shell.

Long ago, the Makuta species went through an evolution. They changed from biomechanical to Antidermis-based energy clouds contained in armor suits. Thus, Makuta have no true forms. They need to be contained in armor to keep their energy from dissipating, but their armor has no "true" shape, since Makuta are shapeshifters.

Tools Edit

Makuta carry various weapons as tools. These weapons usually channel the Makuta's power over Darkness.

Physical Prowess Edit

Makuta are quite strong, lacking muscles and thus being incapable of tiring from purely physical exertion. A Makuta's strength, not tied to muscles, is instead tied to a combination of their size and their willpower. A large Makuta putting little mental effort into his exertion will accomplish less than a small Makuta giving it his all. Makuta are very durable since their armor is always made of Protosteel.

Powers Edit

Makuta are, to put it simply, demigods in terms of power level, even in comparison to Toa and the like. They have a very potent Shadow elemental power, as well as roughly forty other powers. In some Makuta, certain of these powers are stronger then in other Makuta, but all unaltered Makuta have all 42 powers.

Makuta, being energy encased in armor, can have their shell broken and still survive. If they choose to, their energy can leave their current suit of armor, and possess another body. There are three types of body Makuta usually inhabit. The first is a spare suit of Protosteel armor. The second is a robot, like a Vahki, or even a Kraata-less Rahkshi. The third is a living body. Makuta usually inhabit spiritless, but still living, bodies, since the effort needed to drive a person out of their own form is tremendous. Still, if a Makuta could muster the willpower, they could theoretically accomplish this.

Makuta can also wear Kanohi masks, and actually need to to keep their energy completely enclosed in their armor.

Society and Culture Edit

Makuta are the designated protectors of the universe, governors under Mata Nui. Many were assigned a land to guard and protect, keeping the inhabitants well-guided and correcting them if need be. They were also assigned to creating the various types of Rahi the inhabit the universe. The Makuta succeeded in the second task, but they got ambitious and rebelled against Mata Nui, thus rejecting the first task. Makuta now spend their time conquering the universe's many lands in many ways, some subtle, some deceptive, and some purely violent.

Makuta in general are possessed of arrogance and a superior view of themselves. This was one factor that influenced their rebellion.

History Edit

Beginning Edit

Makuta were created before the activation of the Mata Nui robot by the Great Beings. Only one hundred specimens were made, and no more ever came into existence after that.

The Makuta succeeded in creating a myriad supply of different varieties of Rahi to fill the universe. They served their purpose as governors well for many millenia.

Rebellion Edit

Makuta Mutran was inspired by an encounter with Tren Krom about how the Makuta could, in theory, conquer the universe. He told his plan to Teridax, who altered it and proposed it to his comrades. Teridax then overthrew Miserix, the original leader of the Brotherhood, and made himself leader. Teridax then weeded out any Makuta who were too disloyal or too squirrely to serve his purposes.

Teridax had the Makuta continue pretending to be loyal servants of Mata Nui until the time was right. The right time came about 70 millenia later. Teridax corrupted Mata Nui with a virus, which threw the massive robot into standby. With the direct influence of Mata Nui gone, the Makuta were free to conquer the universe. Several lands have been seized by the Brotherhood's forces since then.

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