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Group Avenging Alliance
Occupation Mask-Maker (Formerly) Avenging Alliance Member
Element Fire
Powers None
Kanohi Matoran Hau
Tools Kanoka Blades
Status Unknown
Location Crystal Island (Formerly)
Pronunciation MAY-too

Matu is a Matoran from Kanahka's Chronicle.

Biography Edit

Matu's distant past is unknown. He somehow came to live on a small island with Hoka and Vohk. There he was found by and allied with Rohko and Kanahka, who took him to Crystal Island. There they were attacked by Thranatuka. Matu wanted no trouble, so he tried to talk Thranatuka into leaving them alone. The Runask kicked Matu aside, and they were forced to battle him. Rohko brought the cave down, and the team escaped, making a camp some time later.

He was alongside his comrades when they were surprised by Jardel, and was tied up and left behind a bush. He was freed shortly by Vohk and joined his team in fighting off Jardel and the recently arrived Thranatuka. They succeeded, and announced that they would now be the Avenging Alliance. Makuta Rayzok showed up to rescue his allies, however, and proceeded to blow the team into oblivion with his myriad powers.

When Crystallox and Infernix were brought back to the team camp by Kanahka and Rohko, the robots repaired themselves and fought Matu and Hoka, a battle which the Matoran won. Matu then participated in the move to a new camp site.

Powers and Equipment Edit

Powers Edit

  • Fire Resistance: Matu has the natural resistance to heat and flame that all Matoran and Toa of Fire have.

Abilities Edit

  • Combat Prowess: Matu is a skilled fighter, and fights in an efficient, energy-saving manner, so that he can last longer in battle.
  • Craftsmanship: Matu is a skilled craftsman and Mask-Maker.

Mask Edit

Matu wears a Matoran Hau.

Tools Edit

He carried Kanoka Blades, usually two at a time.

Personality and Traits Edit

Matu was a little prone to anger, but was conscious of this and tried to manage his temper. Spending time on an island with Hoka and the obnoxious Vohk gave him lots of practice.

Matu didn't like to hurt people he didn't have to, but he did very willingly fight people who have proven to be his enemies.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Matu (Altronia) was made up by Sidd in 2005, made from parts from Tuhrak, Bomonga, and the Ussanui, with the gray Hau Sharpied black.