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Group None
Tribe Earth (Formerly)
Occupation Hunter
Powers Flight
Kanohi None
Tools Claws
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Pronunciation NECKS-triss

Nextris is a mutant Matoran to appear in the Altronia Continuity.

Known Information Edit


Facing off with Endrian

Affiliation Edit

Nextris will be a bad guy, but only on his own side, never anyone else's.

Abilities Edit

Nextris is much stronger than the average Matoran, almost to the level of a Skakdi.

Tools Edit

His hands changed into protosteel claw blades.

Personality Edit

He will be cold and aggressive, as well as proud of his power post-mutation, so he will be reckless. He will also be evil. Duh.

Trivia Edit

  • "Nextris" is based off the word "extras" which he will sorta be, but, like most extras in the Altronia Continuity, will have his own stories to tell.
  • He is missing an eye. So the other eye part is supposed to be black, for all those who might have been wondering.
    • Preemptive answer to nonexistent question.
  • He will have a bad relationship with Endrian.