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Mask of Imitation
Powers Transforms user into a copy of a touched material
Disks Unknown
Pronunciation Oh-MAR-icks

The Omarix, or Mask of Imitation is a Kanohi Mask of Power.

Description Edit

The Omarix allows the user to assume the physical appearance, chemical makeup, and atomic structure of a substance touched, provided the user wills the transformation to take place. The user touches a material such as sand, stone, or protosteel, and wills the mask to transform them into a being made of the substance.

This also can work with certain energy forms, such as electricity, fire, and force fields, but only those that are conducted by some form of particle. For example, electricity, light, and magnetism are all the work of electrons, force fields are densely packed atoms vibrating at high velocity, but any kind of special force like Elemental Power or the power of the soul is outside the bounds of the Omarix's ability to imitate.

The Noble variant has a time limit of a few minutes, as opposed to the Great, which does not seem to have one.

Known Users Edit