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Operation Rayzok
Setting Various Islands
Date 1,000-1,001 AGC
Previous N/A
Next Altronia

Operation Rayzok is a fiction written by Argh.

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This was the first of the Altronia Continuity stories to be posted on Author's Hangout, seven posts of this story being put up before the start of Island of Power being posted. Also, the prologue of this story is placed before even the beginning of Kanahka's Chronicle, a few weeks before Metru Nui was reinhabited.

This is a pretty old story, as such, it is undergoing serious revision.

The story gets its name from Choro's joking name for the Universal Alliance's mission during the events this book records.

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  • Originally the title had a colon in it, reading "Operation: Rayzok". This was changed partway through writing the original version, but the colon made occasional reappearances in the name from time to time until the non-colon name was officially made the final title of the book.