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Group Order of Altronia
Tribe Toa of Earth
Occupation Altronia Operative
Element Earth
Powers Elemental Earth Control
Kanohi Great Jutlin (formerly), Great Mask of Inoculation
Tools Seismic Duo-Blade
Status Alive
Location Altronia
Pronunciation KWAKE

Quake is a Toa of Earth and member of the Order of Altronia in the Altronia Continuity.

Biography Edit

Quake came into existence as a Matoran and was transformed into a Toa of Earth at some point.

Later, Quake went through some traumatic experience that erased most of his memory. He wandered for many years, becoming more and more a recluse, just trying to be left alone. At one point, he entered a cantina on an unknown island and met up with Torlusv, who assisted Quake in defeating several thugs. As it began to look like the other thugs may defeat Quake and Torlusv, Razii and Varoak came in, the latter flattening all four outlaws with one blow.

Razii had to do some convincing to get Quake to come to Altronia Fortress, but eventually succeeded, and Quake and Torlusv were escorted there.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Quake is the master of all things dirty. He can raise a wall of earth, create seismic shocks, and/or make hands of earth to batter opponents. He tends to wield his powers with a violent edge, making his combat style dirty in more ways than one.

He is also very capable at hand to hand combat, as he has needed to know how to for a long time. He applies an even more violent and dirty edge to this, and this has lead to few people practicing against Quake in hand to hand combat.

Mask Edit

Quake wears a Mask of Poison Removal, capable of relieving a target or even Quake of all toxins, including Visorak venom, unless it has taken permanent hold, and even radiation poisoning.

Tools Edit

Quake caries a few different blades, which channel his power and beat his enemies into the ground that he controls.

Personality and Traits Edit

Quake dislikes his life in general and thinks that being part of the Order of Altronia isn't a huge improvement to it, so he tends to give people the cold shoulder. This in turn makes many people not like him, though there are a few exceptions.

He prefers to be quick about things, without dilly dallying, which annoys people.

He does, however, have a conscious, so he is slowly working on improving his attitude and the likes.

Trivia Edit

  • His personality reminds Sidd of Wolverine.