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Group Order of Altronia
Tribe Runask
Occupation Guard, warrior.
Element None
Powers Artificially enhanced strength, durability, and reflexes
Kanohi powerless helmet
Tools Drill Staff, Powered Armor
Status Alive
Location Altronia
Pronunciation KWINN-vigg

Quinvig is a Power Miner Runask with a drill and powered armor in the Altronia Continuity.


Quinvig came into existence on Mertiros, along with all other Runask. Somehow or other, he got recruited into the Order of Altronia, and has been serving loyally. Recently, Vike and him were assigned to guard Rulanark, who is quarantined to certain areas in the Altronia fortress. Rulanark and him had a short brush with Burtok, who they totally owned.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Quinvig is naturally somewhat strong and athletic, but his armor greatly increases his physical prowess, especially his durability, which is boosted to extreme levels.

He might have a power. However, that has not been revealed or decided upon.

Tools Edit

Quinvig carries a staff with a powerful drill on the end, which, before coming to Altronia, was used for mining, but it has been modified for combat.

The drill has a siesmic blaster in it, which can turn boulders and armour to dust.

Trivia Edit

  • Quinvig is one of the few Bionicle characters out there with a name that starts with Q and is not a codename.
  • Quinvig would have more info, but has only been seen once in the story. he will get more info later.

He got to share the spotlight with Rulanark! Which means more info!