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Position Aqua Magna Ocean (Formerly, now destroyed)
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation Rah-KAH-too

Rakatu was a small island in the Aqua Magna sea and former home to the Jardel species.

History Edit

It was brought into existence on Aqua Magna after the Shattering, when a volcano erupted. The Jardel quickly moved from their underwater city to the island, making it their new home.

It was pulverized when the Great Spirit Robot fell from orbit, landing on the island and killing all but one of its natives.

Geology Edit


Rakatu was a tropical island, made so its location on Aqua Magna. It experienced periodic rain and warm temperatures.

Natural FeaturesEdit

The island was dominated in the center by the volcano that brought it into being, which was kept from erupting by the Jardel, who pumped the lava out of it to use for power and toolmaking. Also thanks to the volcano, it was known for its black sand beaches.



Rakatu was home to several types of plant, many of which had come from Spherus Magna, and the seeds from these plants simply lay dormant, floating in the ocean, until this island came into being, then the seeds rooted themselves there.

Varieties of plant include palm and fruit trees, various ferns and shrubs, grasses, and several types of flowers.


Most importantly, Rakatu was home to the Jardel.

It was also home to some types of seabird, which were native to Spherus Magna, and many types of amphibious creatures.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one point where the Altronia Continuity may in fact break Bionicle canon. It is said that it was an "endless ocean" on Agua Magna, but that was after the Robot fell, so it's truly unclear at this point wether or not the story did break canon at all.