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Powers Electro-ball projection, Web-spinning, Weakening Venom
Tools Tail Stingers
Status Endangered by Crystal Raptors
Location Crystal Island
Pronunciation N/A

"A huge swarm of four-legged spiders skittered in, electricity crackling at the end of their stinger tails."
―Narrator [src]

Scorpio-Spiders are a race of Visorak-like spiders with stinger tails. They were Mutran's attempt at creating an instant army for the Brotherhood.

Physiology Edit

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Scorpio-spiders are four-legged insectoids with stinger tails and emerald-black coloration.

Powers Edit

Scorpio-Spiders could create balls of electrical energy at the end of their tails and throw them at a target. Their stingers, similarly, created an electric shock upon contact. Their venom weakened a target to about half their previous strength, making it easier to capture, but the venom had to be directly delivered by their fangs.

Behavior Edit

Diet Edit

Scorpio-Spiders are carnivorous, and they hunt their prey with pin-point accuracy.

Habitat Edit

Scorpio-Spiders make colony structures out of webbing which then house large numbers of the spiders.

They have been sighted everywhere. Their main concentration is at Crystal Island, but they are treated as normal Rahi everywhere else.

History Edit

The spiders were created by Mutran, then given to Burtok to use as an army. They were also given a commander when Jaykorax's mutation was completed, and he was given a talisman to control them.

Burtok used them the take over Crystal Island and harass the Avenging Alliance. They also made enemies of the Crystal Raptors when they started taking Lightning Crystals and preventing the raptors from doing so. This made is easy for the Alliance to use the raptors as a strike force against the spiders.

When Burtok killed Jaykorax, he took the mutant Skakdi's talisman, thus gaining total control over the spiders. When Burtok was defeated, the spider army disbanded, and they were left at the mercy of angry and hungry Crystal Raptors.

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  • The Scorpio-Spiders are perhaps the longest-running coherent concept in the Altronia Continuity, persisting even from the early conception stages of the story.