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Powers Varies, usually one per individual
Tools Varies, usually weapons
Status Thriving
Location Unnamed home island
Pronunciation REHN-icks

Wrenix are a sapient species from the Altronia Continuity.

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

Wrenix are biomechanical bipeds with tails and non-humanoid faces and heads. They stand about as tall as Toa but are often seen in a crouching posture. Their tails are usually bladed, and are often used in combat because of this.

Powers Edit

Wrenix usually have one power, and that power is usually combat-oriented or can be used for combat. They usually have one major weakness, like Astricus's weakness to electricity.

Wrenix are good fighters, and are agile and endurant, able to keep fighting foe long periods.

Physical Prowess Edit

Wrenix are animalistic in their agility and locomotive capabilities, being good climbers, sprinters, and leapers, and even occasionally lapsing into quadrupedal locomotion when sneaking around. Wrenix tend to be poor swimmers.

Wrenix have good olfactory sensory ability, and can sense unusual scents and vapors in the air effectively.

History Edit

The Wrenix were created by the Great Beings at the dawn of the universe, and were purposed, like Skakdi, to give a bit of a dangerous edge to the new universe. As such, Wrenix were given a non-chivalrous culture and abrasive tendencies.

Wrenix soon became known for being hard to work with across the Matoran Universe, but were still able to integrate with society as a whole. Many of their members took up residence on Stelt and the Southern continent, but man still reside on their homeland, simply because as a race they prefer dealing with each other to having to deal with members of other races.

Society and Culture Edit

Wrenix are a very combat-ready and solitary species. They tend to be abrasive and confrontational in person, and are often participants in brawls and skirmishes in populated areas. They have an inherent dislike of other races, but not to a socially debilitating degree, by and large. Given their general disposition, they do not tend to be very amicable and even do not like each other much. In general, however, Wrenix would prefer to deal with other Wrenix, simply because they understand each other.

Known Individuals Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Wrenix" was mainly an attempt to have a term for the letter W for the Altronia Continuity, but it also turned out well.