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Status Thriving, Recovering from War
Location Yalnam
Pronunciation YELL-nihr

Yelnir are an intelligent race in the Altronia Continuity.

History Edit

Argh will fill this in, surely.

Biology Edit

Physical Prowess Edit

Yelnir are capable of much the same feats as Toa, but are more agile and less durable.

Powers Edit

Yelnir can wear and use Kanohi, but, aside from athletic feats, usually have no special powers.

Community Edit

Yelnir are a somewhat military species, or, at least some emphasis is given to their militia. To be put in the militia is an honor, and the ruler of their society is also the leader of the militia.

Aside from the recent civil war, Yelnir are somewhat peaceful, and keep their homeland orderly and safe.

Traits Edit

Yelnir are normally even-tempered, but have various temperaments, just like any species.

Known Individuals Edit